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Does Ip Board Have A Thanks Button Mod?

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I was asking because sometimes all I want to do is say thank you and I know some boards have such modifications or hacks available.

It is just a suggestion.

However I do realize doing such would require time of admin to do the upload and code modifications. Maybe something to consider (if it's available) for next time the board has an upgrade.

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Hi artifically :)

Do you mean like you could click a button under someones name or something which says "thanks" which when clicked it send a thankyou to that member?

These are available on IP boards, however it would be very tricky to setup on AS, I love the idea and the concept of the idea :) - it is lovely but it would be quiet hard to setup I think at AS. I will tell Admin about this post and see what they think :)

I personally think this is a very good idea, but am not sure if it right for here technically :hug:


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Yep you are right - very tricky set up on boards even if you have a test site that it worked well on. Remember those kinda of deals all too well.

And I agree and thought about it before getting on back on here today. Such a button may not be best for the AS site.

Still doesn't hurt to throw an idea out even if I'm having second thoughts about the modification being what is best for here. :)

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