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Hello Everyone

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Hi everyone...

This is my first post, in case you didn't already gather that from the title description. :) This is really kinda strange for me...years ago I went through some very helpful therapy, and thought I was "all better." But things haven't been going quite right in my head as of the last couple of years, and I really couldn't figure out what the problem was.

I was "all better"...right? :blush:

A close friend asked me recently about what's going on with me now, and how it might be affected by what happened to me...and in answering her question, I realized that I wasn't really alright. I've still got a lot to work out.

So I started searching the internet...I didn't even really know what for. Looking for a better way to answer her question, I suppose. Then I ran across the After Silence sight...and it looked to be...I'm not sure how to explain it. It looked like a comfortable, safe place to explore the issues in my head. Yet at the same time, it looked like a scary place as well.

It's taken me a couple of weeks to join, and a couple of days since joining just to write this first post. I don't know if I'm ready to open that closed door in the back of my mind. I've tried so hard to just forget everything. But maybe it is indeed time to confront this once again. :unsure:

And it seems to me that AS just might be a good starting point.

Thank you....

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Thank you so much for coming here. I hope you find what you need. I find something everyday here that helps me heal just a little bit more. Welcome to AS :hug:

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Hi Piccolatezza,

I'm glad you've joined After Silence. I remember feeling scared when I first joined, as well. It's a daunting decision to begin healing again, but fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. :)

I'm glad you are taking your time, and heeding your comfort levels as you enter our community. You're quite welcome here, and I hope you find plenty of support and compassion as you continue your healing. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Take care, and I'll see you around the site. :):hug:

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Welcome to AS :hi:

I was pretty scared/nervous when I first joined here too. Joining a site like this can feel really really daunting at first. But I wanted to reassure you that it does get easier...eventually you start feeling more and more comfortable and safe. I'm really proud of you for reaching out, you will find plenty of support and understanding here.

You are not alone, take care :console:

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Hey piccolaltezza,

Welcome to AfterSilence, I myself took afew times visiting AfterSilence before I joined, and when I first joined it took me a while to get used to the whole place, and what AS is all about, but after a short while I started to feel comfortable and safe, and that scary feeling went away because of all the comfort I was being shown here at AS, and I am sure this will happen with you also :)

Sometimes things can come back to haunt us years later, and we have to deal with them and heal from them in some way, and I believe you joining AfterSilence is an important step you're taking toward your healing, so well done!! :):hug:

Take gentle care, and feel free to PM me anytime :flowers:

John :tealribbon:

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I am sorry for the things that led you here but I am glad that you found your way here to AS. I am sure that you will find all that you are looking for. Take your time and look around and I'm sure that you will be feeling at home in no time. I hope to see you around the boards.


Take good care of yourself.

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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