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Pm's Disappeared

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I was saving a few of my pm's and they were there earlier today but now they have disappeared. So my question is did I miss something about boxes auto cleaning out after so long or could there have possibly been a glitch with the server?

I am not worried about the info I can get it again. I just wanted to know if I have over looked something?

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Hi artifically,

I am sorry to hear about the problem that you're having with your PMs, PMs aren't generally autocleaned I believe, I know I have never had mine auto-cleaned, when I was a Member or a Contributing Member, nor now, so I don't believe it is a setting to autoclean your PM-box or anything.

Have you recently achieved you PMs? This process can cause your PMs to be sent to your email address in a HTML or Excel file, otherwise when you send PMs they aren't automatically saved, that is an option that you must select to allow for saving of sent PMs, which is down the bottom of the PM near the Send butoon, any PMs that you save should still be in your Saved Box in your Message center.

Let me know how you go sorting this out, and if there is any more problems, and we will try and help you out.

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It wasn't saved sent pms. It was the pms I'd not deleted and was saving in my inbox. Sorry I didn't make that clearer. Didn't think about that option when I typed that out. I don't save what I send out.

I was on here earlier today and answered my inbox pm's. I deleted some of them but kept about 4 or 5 as they had some information I wanted to keep. They were there when I left as I opened them back up to right down the name of a book I was recommended. When I left they were still showing in my inbox. When I came back this afternoon to get the name of the author they were gone. All of them.

I know it could have been just some fluke. I ran a dirt racing board for a few years and am familiar with how it goes. Thought maybe I'd missed unsetting some autoclean function.

I won't lie kinda freaked me out. For why I am not exactly sure. Just one of those days I guess. But if no one else is having problems and it doesn't happen any more, I'd say a fluke in the main server and not worry.

Thanks for answering.

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I have honestly personally never come across anything like this before, like I have used message boards before AfterSilence, and even the ones that run on free board software (which AS doesn't) I have never seen anything like this before, like it would make more sense if the site went down or something during the same time but I haven't noticed AS being down is ages (like I think it has been literally months since AS went down last).

Anyways, I'm sorry I don't think there is anything we can do to retrieve your PMs, I can ask a moderator or administrator and see if they can retrieve them for you, however they can get pretty busy and if your happy just to say it was just a-bit of bad luck and a random fluke then I am too, and just leave it at that. As for your author I am sure if you look up the book on Amazon.com you will be able to find the author.

If this happens again please feel free let us know, because then we might be able to look into the settings on your account, but for now as you said it was more the likely a fluke, and I am sorry this happened to you :hug:

I hope it doesn't happened again, and I hope you find the name of your author, and please take gentle care of yourself :tealribbon:


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Hey, John.

I've never ran across anything like it either. And I did over react a bit - transferred some anxiety to this.

And I know how much time it takes to search the data base, I'd never ask for that to be when I can and did simply re-pm people for the information. And your tip about Amazon ( :blush: I worked there for a year - I knew this. duh) worked perfectly. I have all the info that was lost to the pm's.

Yeah, I didn't think AS was a freeboard or on a free server. Been there. Done those. Nothing but heartache and trouble. I used a paid server too back then. So much more reliable.

Thanks for your responses and for the hug. And rt back at you. :hug:

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Yes I've also used "Free" boards before, like PHPBB and they just cannot compare to Ivision Power Board, this board is certainly setup with the best software, also as standard practice because there was an unexplained occurrence on your account I think would be best just to ensure the integrity of your account to change your accounts password which I believe can be done in your control panel under options, (last option down the bottom)

Better to be safe then sorry :flowers:

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You are so right. I'll do that. Thanks.

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