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Hello. My name is Andrea. I am a survivor. I am proud of that fact. I am a mother of three on my second marriage. I am also a nursing student. I am pro marijuana and pro life. I also have some medical issues as a result I have developed an addiction to some of the pain meds. I am also a cutter. I now have a good support system and am working hard to get better. I am currently trying to find a therapist. I love meeting new people. :)

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welcome andrea!! :)

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Hi Andrea,


I'm sorry for the circumstances that bring you here but I'm glad that you found your way to AS. I'm sure that as you look around, you will find a great group of people that have a variety of issues pertaining to the aftermath of SA. You are amongst friends here and know that we can all understand the feelings you feel and the struggles that you are speaking of. Please take good care of yourself. I hope to see you around the boards soon.


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Hey Andi :)

I already PMed you I know, and it good to see that you posted in the Welcome Forum :hug:

I just wanted to say again how good it is to have you here at AS, and please know that AS is a wonderful place to come for support from fellow survivors.

You sound like a very proactive person :) and proud to be a survivor which is a wonderful thing :tealribbon:

I look forward to having you as part of the AS community, and getting to know you better soon, your seem like a very upbeat person :lol:

Lovely to meet you, take gentle care, and remember you can PM me anytime :flowers:


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Hi Andrea!

Welcome to AS :flowers:!

I hope you will feel at home soon!

Best wishes,

Holly :luck:

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