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Hi, I'm Caitlin. I'm turning 20 the 16th, and I'm a lesbian. I live in Missouri right now, but I may be going to school in New Zealand in January (my mum's from there). I love acting, directing, graphic design, and writing. I write fanfic (femslash mostly). I'm here because I've barely talked about my abuse/assault to anyone. I need someone to talk to.


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Hey Cate,

Welcome to AfterSilence :tealribbon:

I am very sorry for what brings you here, and I hope that the people here at AS are able to help you in your healing, please know that what happened to you wasn't your fault, and that now you have joined AfterSilence you do have a voice and you are able to talk about what happened to you freely and know that we are here for you, to listen to you and to help you out in anyway we can.

We also have a LGBT forum, for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender survivors, and you are always welcome to post in there, we are very accepting of all sexualities here, and that forum is just a specific area where you can talk abotu LGBT issues, Click here to go to LGBT forum

I look forward to getting to know you soon, and I hope I can help in your healing, please know that breaking that silence is a very brave thing to do, and even though I have only just "met" you, I am proud of you for doing so.

Take gentle care, and feel free to PM me anytime,

John :flowers:

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Hi Cate,

Welcome to After Silence. This is a great place to find your voice and be supported. I am sorry for what brought you here, but glad you found us.

Make yourself at home. :hug::hug::hug:


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Hi Cate!

welcome to AS!

It's great that you are creative, we have something in common there! Feel free to share your work!

Best wishes,

Holly :luck:

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