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Hya All Newbie Here

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Welcome to AS :hi:

Glad you decided to say hello, I wasn't sure what to say when I first got here either.

I hope that you find AS to be helpful to you on your healing journey.

take care :flowers::console:

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i wanted to introduce myself but wasnt sure of what to say.. so well i guess ill just say hello ^^

Hey Windows2, Hello is just fine for now :)

I'm John, and I''m glad you have come to AfterSilence, however I am very sorry for the what has brought you here, I am glad that you have decided to break the silence and come and join the community here at AS. AfterSilence is such a supportive place to be apart of and I am glad that you have decided to come to our community :flowers:

I look forward to getting to know you soon, and I hope that I can help in your healing, please feel free to PM me at any time :hug:


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Welcome to AS :flowers:!

I'm sorry for what brought you here but I am glad you found us. This is a safe and supportive place and I hope you will feel at home soon!

Best wishes for your healing journey,

Holly :luck:

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Hi window2,

Welcome. I'm glad that you found the site, and may it provide you with help in your healing.


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thanks for the warm welcome :wink: im happy to have found this site, although not so happy for the reasons that brought me here :(

spending some time here already helped me a bit which im happy for :) . well i dunno what else to say :blush: maybe with the time i might share my story

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