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Just A Thought For The Day... A Thank You And A Hug!

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Hey all......

I haven't been on in a few days... my life has been a bit turned upside down, but really what I wanted to write for is to say THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you all for being the people you are... for caring without expectations... for giving so generoulsy of yourselves just because... and thank you for helping find the better tomorrows we all so desperately long for.

I come to this site sometimes in complete desperation and always I find hope! It's not always clear and it doesn't always feel good, but it is here... between the pain and anguish. It is here in our words.... in our survival!!!! The amount of strength and courage here is utterly amazing!!!! Every word .... every story ..... hope flows.... even in the darkest moments.

None of us want to give up...not totally!!! We wouldn't be here if we did. We are fighters ..... and keepers of some of the most horrible things... yet we strive for better. We pick ourselves up. Time and time again. No one can take that away.

Being here ... surrounded by such incredible strength and such amazing people has been such a remarkable thing. it is hard not to feel empowered when amoung such strength and hope!

I just wanted to get this out.... to say how much it has meant to have the support that I have found here......

Thank you all!!!!!


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