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I am new here. I am 31 and want to be able to share. I was looking for some where to express my feelings without having to actually say the words. I hope to reach that point one day.

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I just wanted to say welcome and I hope that you find your place here among our very supportive and welcoming board. You can share as much as you want or as little as you want hun. You are here to heal and this is all about you, this is part of your healing process. Just share what you can when you feel comfortable, that is all we can ask and if you can say the words one day then you can, but if not then that's ok as well. It's all about you hun! Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs and support, if it's okay.

With Love,


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Hi aperson,

Welcome!! :)

I hope you feel at home soon. :flowers:

It's great to have you with us, hun, but I am sorry for all you went through that made you join us. Take all the time you need to get to know us, this is a caring and supportive community, and you can do things at your own pace here. No pressure. You're not alone and you can heal.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any, ok?

:hug: = if ok??


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Welcome to AS!

I'm sorry for what brought you here, but I am glad you found us! I know it's hard to say the words out loud, but I find it much easier to post here because I know I am among people who can relate and will understand. Please be assured that this is a safe place.

Also, just to give you a suggestion, when I can't express something in words, I try drawing or painting. I find it easier.

Best wishes for your healing journey,

Holly :luck:

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