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"hi" From The Back Of The Room

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That's were I sit... the back of the room in the corner... it's easy to hind behind everyone and you don't have to talk when you sit in the back. But today I am going to push myself to say something... so "HI" to all you brave people. This is my second step forward... I made it to the doctor's and am now reading the book suggested... and now you all are my second step.

It's all been scary. I cry alot, I shake alot... and I eat alot. But I know I have to keep moving forward because I want to live life ... not just walk through it.

I plain on telling my story in time... but for now... know I am here in the corner saying hi. :flowers:

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Hi Forme,

Welcome!! :)

I hope you feel at home soon. :flowers:

It's great to have you with us, hun, and I'm glad you stepped forward and said something. Your voice matters here, hun, you can speak up and be who you are. I know it's scary, so please do take all the time you need to look around and get to know us some. There's no rush here hun, for nothing. :) I'm sure you'll find lots here you can relate to, and there's loads of info on things that might help you. I'm glad you bought the book and got in touch with a doc, and then came here also... Hun, you're just as brave as us!! :) You're not alone, hun, we're here for you!

Feel free to ask questions if you have any, ok?

:hug: = if ok??


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Thank you both for being so sweet. I will take all you say to heart...

Hugs welcomed here :hug:

I will be talking with you soon...

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Welcome to AS!

I totally understand what your going through and I know it's scary :hug: but as you have said, you have already taken the first steps which is very brave and great! Take your time to feel comfy here, but be assured that there is no pressure or judgement here, only support.

Best wishes for your healing journey,

Holly :luck:

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many thanks to all of you...

it's nice to have such a nice & warm welcome.

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I am sorry for the circumstances that brought you here but I am glad that you found your way to AS. I hope that you will be feeling at home in no time. I do know how hard it is to put yourself and your story out there, so please just take your time and when you are feeling comfortable, it will be much more natural for you to wanna share. Take good care of yourself and know that there are so many people here who care.


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