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Just saying hello. I am new here. Looking for support and somewhere to talk to or just vent. It is hard to find anyone who understands or wants to here about it!!!

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Hi Silent,

Welcome!! :)

I hope you feel at home soon. :flowers:

I am sorry for all you went through that brought you to us, hun, but I am glad you're here. You'll find lots of understanding, validation and support here, and you can talk as much or as little as you want. There's always someone willing to listen.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any, ok?

:hug: = if ok??


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Welcome to AS :flowers:

You will find kindness and support and lots of safe hugs here. there is no pressure or judgement.

I hope you'll feel at home soon!

Best wishes for your healing journey,

Holly :luck:

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Hey hon

Welcome to AS we are an awesomely supportive group...Im glad you found us while at the same time sorry for what youve been through that has brought you here.We want to support you and care to hear whatever you need to say..You have a voice here and its welcome :)

big hugs


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