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Hi, Ive been trying to find a place to talk that I didnt feel like I was being judged or ignored. My husband suggested looking for survivor chat rooms of this kind. Im so glad I took his advice. Im a stay at home mom that almost out of a job, a product of rape, and a victim trying to learn how to survive. I hope I dont offend anyone.


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Hi Red,

Welcome!! :) (again :wink: )

I hope you feel at home soon. :flowers:

That's pretty good advice from your hubby, I'm glad you're here, hun. :) Take all the time you need to look around, there's lots of posts and people here I think you can relate to. I am sorry for all you have been through, but I want you to know that you can heal, and that there's plenty of support and care here for you.

Feel free to ask questions, ok?

:hug: = if ok??


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Hi red,

Can't say I'm glad you're here, it makes me sad how many more people join everyday

Know we are fighting this battle with you!

If you need an ear, feel free to pm me anytime, we won't judge you here :)

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Welcome :flowers:

This is a very supportive and understanding place, a wonderful place for healing. I am glad you have found AS and I hope you find comfort here.

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Hello there, im sure you wont offend anyone. We are all here to support you and offer as much empathy as we can, dont hesitate to PM the people in this community they are all very caring souls. gentle hugs :hug:

Lucy x

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:wave: Hi Red

Welcome to AS hon....Im glad you found us and that your here and so sorry that you went through the hell and nightmare of rape...

Im certain you will not offend anyone here hon...Im glad your with us

big hugs


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Hey Red :hug:

Welcome to AfterSilence :tealribbon:

I'm really glad that your husband suggested a site like this to you :hug:

There is alot of support and validation and love here, and I look forward to seeing you on AS, soon :hug:

You certainly haven't offended me, I can assure you of that :bighug:

Take gentle care,

John :flowers:

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I'm glad to hear that you have someone supportive in your life that is offering what help they can.

It is a very useful thing. Just remember that sometimes it can be frustrating for them since they want to help, but can't. They may frustrate you with their attempts to help, but it only because they care.


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:hug: your husband gave you a wonderful piece of advice!!! :hug: AfterSilence is a wonderful place!! you deserve to heal and you don't have to go through it alone. we are here for each other! i look forward to getting to know you very soon!! please don't hesistate to pm me anytime. :hug:


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Hi Red and welcome to AS

I really hope that you feel that you won't be judged or ignored here, AS is an amazing place and I hope that you find the support that you are looking for here.

take care of yourself


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Hello and welcome to AS! I am new here too and I wish you the best in support and healing.

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Hello Red

We've chatted a few times, but I wanted to properly welcome you, so welcome. I hope that you find the support you are looking for here.


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