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I'm rather bad at introductions. Survivor of childhood sexual abuse, molestation as a teenager, and physical and sexual assaults by my ex. That relationship ended on Easter after a horrible night. About all I can say without risking triggering someone.

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Hi Troubelle


I just wanted to tell you that I"m sorry you have reason to be here but glad that you found your way here to AS. There are so many exceptional people here and I'm sure that you will be getting all of the love and support you need. And please when you are ready, share whatever you need to about your story. Just make sure to add a trigger warning so that people will know and be ready for the info. I just wanted to make sure that you feel welcomed here. I hope to see you around the boards.


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Hi troubelle

Welcome to AS :) Im glad your here and that youve found us although Im very sorry for the horriffic abused you had to endure.You are amongst friends here and its ok to say whatever you want to whenever you need too ...Were here for you..Were a great supportive bunch ...

big hugs


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Hey Troubelle

Welcome to AfterSilence, I am sorry for what you experienced as a teenager and in that relationship, and I am so glad that it has ended for you now :hug: and I am so glad that you have come here to AS to gain some healing, and support. Please know we are here for you ... come here anytime :hug:

Please take gentle care, and feel free to PM me anytime :tealribbon:

John :flowers:

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Hi Troubelle,

Welcome!! :)

I hope you feel at home soon. :flowers:

I am so sorry for all you went through as a child, a teen and as an adult.... :console: Please know that none of it was your fault. I am glad to see you left the abusive relationship. You deserve so much better.

Hopefully you know you are not alone in this, lots of members here can relate to you and we all understand what it's like to have to heal from there terrible things that have happened to us. AS is a very caring and supportive community, and I am glad that you have found us. :)

Take all the time you need to browse around and get to know us. If you have any questiions, please feel free to ask, ok??

:hug: = if ok??


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