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Can Anyone Help?

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I have tried to contact the moderators, but havent heard anything back, good OR bad, which I am a little fuzzed off about to be honest, I mean. Anyway.

I was looking through the AS store and saw a top I really like, anyway, payment wise, I dont have a credit card etc and get cash in hand, plus live in england, is there really no hope of me getting one? As I so badly would love a top :( If anyone could help would be fab.

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If you go to the post office - you can have an international cheque thingy made out - not sure what it is called - but it means you can buy from abroad - they will be able to give you more infomation - not sure how you convert £ to $ but they will probably know that too

hope that helps


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I dont have a bank account either, would I need one? I only have the money in my pocket. I would get my mum to order online, or anyone with a credit card, but I wouldnt want her knowing if you understand. Any other ideas? Thank you :)

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You can go in with cash - so no cheque book/credit cards needed


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You are very welcome!!

hope you get what you want

best wishes


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OK OK....looking at everything at the store...I am getting confused lol!!

I want: http://www.cafepress.com/aftersilence.96698536#

So, with this checky thing, how do I like, get it? Ive never ordered off line!!!!!!!

Might need a grown up to help me... a whole talk through and all LOL:P

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CafePress no longer accepts checks or money orders. Perhaps you can trade your cash with your mum and have her purchase you a CafePress gift certificate. That way she won't know what you purchase, and you can use the gift certificate to pay for your AS store item/s. Good luck to you. :)

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Hey fataldream,

I am sure that the moderators weren't ignoring you or anything like that, they are just really busy people, which is one of the reasons the newbie support team was created, so that no question goes unanswered for too long.

CafePress doesn't accept anything besides "credit" cards unfortunately, I think they have done this to try and reduce there costs etc, and option that you do have, and which is what I do, is to get a Prepaid Visa card, such as a 3V card, which works exactly the same as a credit card, however it is prepaid, and works much like a prepaid mobile phone, and you can go into any Payzone retailer and recharge it

I have the Australian version, a bopo card, but because you are in the UK, it is likely you will need a 3V card, which is a prepaid Visa card, there website is www.3vcash.com and this card will allow you to make payment on the CafePress website, just like anyone else with a credit card :)

I hope this helps, :hug:


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