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Hello Everyone

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Just a line to say Hi to everyone who knows me.

Uni is out at the moment so I'm back for a little while. Have been working hard at Uni (only one year and a bit left) and have established my own private counselling practice at the same time (As well as working full time - blinkin exhausted :o). Never forgot the place that gave me the strength to go on and do all of this I.E 'here'.

So sad to see the note relating to Meg :o( It goes without saying that she was a truly lovely human being and there aren't enough Megs in the world these days, which means she will be doubly missed


Hoping everyone is well and look forward to speaking with you all soon


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Welcome Back Brain

I am not sure if we have meet before, you might have left before I joined and maybe I might have seen you around a little bit before, :) Im not sure :P

I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you back to AfterSilence, and am glad to hear that you have had positive experiences here at AS before, and yes you are correct it is truly a sad event to have lost Meg, there are a-few threads in Simply Life, if you have access to that, if you want to have a look and maybe write a note to her family if you wish :hug:

I am glad that you have come back, and also look forward to speaking with you soon also.

Take gentle care, and feel free to PM me anytime :flowers:


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Hi Brian,

Welcome back!! :)

I do remeber you from posts I read when I first joined. I am glad you have found AS as helpful as you did, it's a truly amazing place.

Good for you and your accomplishments this last year. Awesome, hun. :clap:

As John has said, there are posts dedicated to Meg... If by any chance you don't have access to that forum, I am more than willing to post there in your name. All that would take is a PM and I'll copy/paste it. :) It is indeed a great loss....... Meg was awesome! :(

Good to have you back, Brian, and I hope to see you around the board. :flowers:



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Hey Brian, good to hear that things are going well with you :)

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Hi Brian,

Congratulations on your counseling practice. That is no easy feat. And being in Uni at the same time? Good for you!

Hope to see you around.


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welcome back to AS :hug:

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Thanks so much for your lovely comments everyone.


hello Brian

i am still new here and finding my away around. Good luck with the counciling practice, uni and everything, you are a true gentleman, i hope i get to chat to you sometime.


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hi brian

welcome back good luck with everything :)

big hugs


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Hi Brian, and welcome back.

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