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Been Here For A While

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Hi Moanna

Its great to see your introduction and to be able to greet you. I hope that what you've read has been helpful.

Please feel free to PM me any time

take care of yourself


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Hi Moanna,

I wanted to welcome you to AS. I also wanted to tell you that I admire your courage to take the step of posting on here. I hope that at some point you will feel comfortable enough here to post some of your story if that's what you are wanting and needing to do. You will find that there is tons of support here when you need it and tons of people who can understand how you are feeling. Give yourself time and take it slow. It will all flow with time.

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welcome to AS :hug:

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Hey Moanna,

Welcome to AfterSilence, :hug:

It's absolutely fine that you haven't posted anything yet, sometimes it takes time to get used to the boards, and the people here, and there is never any rush to post anything :hug:

I am glad that you have come to AfterSilence, and I hope that I can get to know you more on the website and in the chat room soon, :bighug: I am very sorry for that has brought you here, but I am so glad that you have come here and are seeking some healing :flowers:

Please take gentle care and feel free to PM me anytime :flowers:


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Hi moanna

Its nice to meet you :) I look foward to getting to know you better



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Hi Moanna,

Welcome!! :)

I hope you feel at home soon. :flowers:

Well done on the first post! I know how difficult that can be but you did it. I hope the reading that you've done here has been helpful to you? There's absolutely no rush in posting here, the decision to post or not post is yours. I am glad to get to meet you, and I hope to see around the board. If you need anything or have questions, pls don't hesitate to ask.

:hug: = if ok??


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Welcome to the AS family.

Sending you gentle :hug: if ok.

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im glad you have decided to take the step of posting. i know it takes courage. i hope you have found what you have read to be comforting and or helpful, pm me if you want to... i would love to get to know you.

-becky lynn

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