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Support Team?

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ive notied a handfulof pl being refered to as support team members...where as others are members, or contributing members or secondaries...

couyld sombiody plz enlighten me as to what this actually means?


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Hey Sonnet,

I'm sure the Administrators will make an announcement soon with all the details, once they have finished putting all the tweaks on the new group etc, but as the name suggests we are a support group for the new member here at AfterSilence.



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oooh ok..thanx for the heads up john :)

just noticed it today..beside your name actually heheh and well..im nosy!!

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Lol... That's ok Sonnet :)

I'm sure you will be kept well informed :)

Take care :hug:


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Hi Sonnet,

It was just started today, so I guess you're very perceptive. :) There have been newbies that found it really hard to navigate the board, and also members that were quite overwhelmed with the amount of forums and people here. To make sure that new members are helped where needed, and that they have a "handful" of people they can ccntact, this Team was set up. So, here we are... lol



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its an great idea..and your all a fab bunch of people on the team...im sure ya will all make all the new people feel really comfortable and settled in here..

good luck guys and dolls xxx

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too quick..or am i just spending waaaaaaaaay to much time on here!!! hehehe lol...

anyways...as a sed bf great idea :) thanx for the link nicole..am off to read it now :)

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