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Hi There

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This is a quick hello, I often waver between how much of my life is impacted or not based on my past experiences. Am I too sensitive? I'm fine most of the time. Seems that things lately have been intruding on my relationship and I came here to check things out.

I'm also curious to know about the triggering stuff....obviously descriptions and etc can be very painful but I start thinking too much and wonder about me questioning if I'm too sensitive could trigger some folks who have been accused of being too sensitive...I don't know...

Anyways, thanks for being here.

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:hug: Welcome to AS

I can relate to what you've share also and I'm so sure you'll find alot of answers, support, love, care and validation right here with us.

Take gentle care of you and know, we are all here for you and you are not alone.

Sending you gentle and welcoming hugs, if ok :hug::hug:



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Welcome to AS I hope you find what you are looking for here. Like the others, I too share your feelings. It's totally understandable and hope we can be of comfort to you. Please PM me anytime.

We all seek answers, healing and happiness and the family at AS is like no other family I've known. We are all here for you. :hug:


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Hey there and Welcome to AS.

I'm glad that your here for some healing, but I am sorry for what has brought you here :bighug: I am looking forward to seeing you in the chat room and forum site soon,


Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime :bighug:


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welcome to AS :bighug:

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Hi Liberrygrrl,

Welcome to After Silence. I hope AS helps you find the support you deserve. :flowers:

Everybody has different triggers, and each person has no way of knowing what would trigger someone else. Please don’t worry too much about triggering others. If you feel a post may do so, just put a trigger warning on top and members can decide themselves in they are in a strong enough place to read it. This is about your healing, so feel free to share your feelings.

Take care :hug:

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Hey there, and Welcome to AS,

AS is a very healing place to be apart of, and I look forward to seeing you in chat room and forum site soon, and I hope I can help in your healing, :hug:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime :bighug:


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