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Hello everyone, I'm Jess.

I'll admit that I'm a little nervous about discussing my experience, but this seems like a safe and supportive place (I've been checking out a lot of other forums lately). I appreciate everyone else's courage to talk about what happened to them as it is giving me the courage to do the same (soon).

So thank you!

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Welcome Jessie,

I hope you'll have the support on the forum you need so much dear.

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Hey Jessie,

Welcome to AfterSilence :bighug:

It is absolutely fine to be nervous, we totally understand :hug: but please know we do understand, and that we are here to help in your healing :hug:

I am glad you have come here for healing :hug:

I am looking forward to seeing you on forums and chat room soon, and I hope I can help in your healing :bighug:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime :hug:


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sending squishy welcome hugs :bighug:

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Hi and welcome to AS.

Its a very supportive family and believe me you've come to the right place. :up: I was nervous at first as well, don't worry noone judges here it is a very safe place to be. Glad you found it. :up:

It won't take long to feel your way around, the toughest part I've found is not having enough time to read and reply to the many posts I go to! :blink: Glad I saw your post to welcome you. Take care of yourself and feel free to PM me anytime you want.

Bewitched :hug::hug:

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