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Hello everyone! I've actually been here awhile, but I have never had the courage to post before. I have never talked about my past with anyone, but I think I have to, if I'm going to make a full recovery from my eating disorders.

So I'm Rebecca :flowers:

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Hi Rebecca, welcome hope u get the support here that you are looking for. Keep moving forward a step at a time. We have all been through some rough times and are all just trying to keep on going. Hope to hear from you around the forums.

Wendy :wave:

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welcome squishy hugs :bighug:

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Hi Rebecca,

Welcome to AS, and I am glad that you decided to post :hug:

We are very lucky to have a whole section of EDs here, so I hope that by posting there it can help you with your eating disorder - and I hope that this forum as a whole can help in you healing as a whole.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and to see you in the forum site and chat room soon, :hug:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytimg :bighug:

John :)

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I'm also glad that you posted. I am new here, but posting and receiving the support of other on AS has helped me tremendously already, and has been a motivating factor in my seeking out counseling again. I also have struggled with an eating disorder, and I hope that you can continue on the road of healing with your struggle as well.

Take care,


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