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Welcome to AS!! I'm glad you're finding yourself at ease here. Its an amazing place.. actually i dont even think that amazing covers it!!

Take care of youself. PM me anytime.



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Hey there, Alive :hug:

I must say I really like you avatar, which is Abra from Pokemon, I have been a massive fan of Pokemon for years now, I really do just love them for some reason :P Which I know at 17 is very odd, but I am fine with it hehe :)

I am sorry for what had brought you here to AfterSilence, but I am glad that you have come here for some healing, and there is a whole forum just for venting, so I am sure you will find that helpful, I think venting and letting all that pain out, just getting it out there, helps a-lot, and the vent forum is wonderful for that :)

AfterSilence is a lovely community where there are many survivors here that will be able to relate to what you are feeling, and be able to help you in your healing, AS is wonderful because survivors are able to relate to each other, and help each other in healing from there experiences.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the forum site and chat room soon :hug: and I hope I can help in your healing :flowers:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime :bighug:


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squishy welcome hugs :bighug:

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You are definitely not alone here. This is a wonderful place full of supportive and understanding people. I hope you find all the healing you need here.


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