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I'm not sure what to think yet, this is the first time i have done anything like this, I looking for help in how to deal and not to feel so alone. I was molested for 7 years as a child and teenager, and am finally dealing with it now as an adult after trying to just push it away and forget. I look forward to getting to know every one!!

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Hello, tinr.

:aswelcomesu:. I am very sorry for what happend to you as a child. But I am glad that you found us :-]

I am also new and finding my way around! But already I feel very welcomed, safe, and feel less alone. It really has helped me a lot. I hope that you too find you don't feel so alone, and get the help and support that you need. I know the terrible isolating feeling, but as alone as you may feel, you're not really alone...and we all understand :)

It is very common for children to push away what happend to them, to protect themselves. I done that so much that my memories are repressed - I'm just dealing with the affects, and trying to remember to begin to heal better. So pushing it away is very "normal" But it is amazing that you are now trying to deal with it, well done! This is the first step, and from here on you will begin to heal. I'm sure it's a long bumpy road. I too am still at the very start of it. But we will get there!

If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me.

Safe :hug:'s

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Hi tinr,

I am also a survivor of CSA, and I am very sorry that you experienced that as a child, please know you didn't deserve it, and I am sorry for what has brought you hear, however I am very glad that you have been brave enough to come here, and I am very proud of you :)

AfterSilence is a wonderful place to be apart of and has certainly help me a-lot, and I am sure we can help in your healing also :hug:. Just Post as you feel comfortable and remember we are here to help you :hug:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime :bighug:


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welcome to AS!

you're not alone here sweetie

squishy hugs :hug:

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its great to know that i'm not alone, I'm from a very small town where everyone seems to know but no one understands. I dont wish what happend on anyone, I feel for all who are here because no one should have to go through it. Also I am very greatfull for everyone here. I am in councling to help me deal, i am finding alot of what i do and how i respond to things is very normal, but i know i have to eventully tell my story in detail to move on and that to me is like knocking down a big huge wall. I'm scared to do it and am fighting it every step of the way, even though in the long run i know it will help, i had to live through the details once and dont wanna do it again. Any one have any ideas? Thank you all for just listening!!!!

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i know exactly where you are coming from. me, my mom, my sister we have this thing where something happens and we pretend like it didnt so then maybe it might go away. i was molested by my mothers husband....i told her, she didnt want to believe it...pretended it wasnt true, and so then i did to feeling like i had no other choice. she stayed with him. now after all these years...they had a fight..he left...now she doesnt want to pretend anymore. ive always wished she would believe it, talk about it, but now i somehow think it was easier to be silent. welcome. its a good place to be. lets you know youre not alone no matter what your situation. best wishes

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thank you all for being here!


I really hear you, it was similar for me my mothers husband molested my sister, his daughter and

I. My sister told my dad the first time it happend, he sent the sheriff and socal services to my moms and she lied and said nothing happend. It the continued for 7 years, as we got older realizing what was happening was wrong. We finally told my mom and she beilved us i guess, there was also mental and physical abuse from her. She has since said once that she thought something was going on, but thought we would have told her. she also said that we couldnt have made it on our own finacialy if she left him. i was so practiced after 7 year to not talk about it, its easier to just stay on that path, and now 11 years after after putting him in jail its still easier to not talk about it. But am am making slow steps to get there!

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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

I am sorry for what brings you here, but glad that you found us. I know that it took me a long time to be ready to deal with what happened to me, to be ready to face it. It is a courageous step you have taken in joining us. We are all here to listen and support you.

Nicole :throb:

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