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Hi, I`m New Here

Guest lam_scot

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Guest lam_scot

Err, Hi everyone. I`m new here. I just discovered this site a few weeks ago, and have read some of the many survivor stories, which have moved me to tears. I was raped throughout my childhood untill I was 17. I am diagnosed with PTSD and Anorexia. I feel so weak, I am not "over it" yet, like I think I should be (I`m 27,now).

Oh, I`m sorry, I probably did this all wrong...Hi, to everyone, though

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Welcome! :)

Don't feel bad because you're not "over it" like you feel you should be. PTSD is a serious thing and it takes time to work through...

Feel free to msg me anytime.

Hope you find the support you need here.

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Hey there :hug:

You didn't do it all wrong, your doing just fine :flowers:

It is absolutely fine to not feel "over it" that feeling is totally normal, and it means that you are still healing :hug: - Welcome to AfterSilence.

I am very sorry for what brings you here, but I am glad that you have come here for some healing :bighug: - AfterSilence is an online sanctuary where survivors can come 24/7 to talk about there experiences, and to support each other, it is a lovely place to be, and I hope that you find this place healing :bighug:

I am looking forward to seeing you in the chat room and forum site soon :hug:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime :)


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First and foremost welcome and :hug: ! Second, I am 34 and still not "over it" As a matter of fact it is harder now that it has ever been. Anxiety, PTSD, an ED the list goes on and on but :youcanheal::notalone: :notalone: - we can heal. This is a wonderful place. Glad you are here. Feel free to pm me if you should ever want to or need anything.

Love and Light,


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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

There is no time frame for healing, nor any rights or wrongs. It is a unique and individual process and a very difficult one. I have been in that place where I felt I should be over it, and then I had to surrender to the reality that there is no over it. We get better we heal, but it never goes away. That said, it does get drastically better! You have taken an important step in your healing. Keep going!

Nicole :throb:

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