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Australia-wide Services

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Ruby-Gaea House Phone: (08)8945 0155

Sexual Assault Referral Centres Alice Springs Phone: (08)89515880

Darwin Phone: (08)89227156


Brisbane Rape Crisis Centre Phone:(07)384 4008

Gold Coast Sexual Assault Support Service Phone:(07)559 111 64

North Cairns Women's Centre Phone:(070)313 590

Sunshine Coast Rape Crisis Centre Phone:(07)5499 3066


Sexual Assault Referral Centres Perth Phone:(08)9340 1820

Geraldton Phone:(08)9964 1853

Kalgoorlie Women's Health Care Centre Phone:(08)9091 1922


Adelaide Rape Crisis Centre

Adelaide Sexual Assault Services Rape and S/A Service Phone:(08)8226 8777


Hobart Sexual Assault

Support Service Phone:(03)6231 1811

Laurel House Phone:(03)6334 2740


Canberra Incest Centre Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Phone:(06)247 2525

Rape Crisis Centre Cains Phone:(070)313 590


Phone:(08)8951 5880 Counselling and Referral for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


Dympna House

P O Box 22

Haberfield NSW 2045

Open for telephone information, referrals and support on monday,

thursday, friday 5-9 tuesday 9-8 and wednesday closed and between

12.45-1.15 daily telephone (02) 9797 6733 and 1800 654 119telephone (02) 9797 6733 and 1800 654 119

telephone (02) 9797 6733 and 1800 654 119

Dympna House is a state wide service which offers telephone

support, groups and counselling to adult survivors of child sexual

assault. We also have a child and adolescent worker who provides

counselling to children, young people and there non offending family

members and carers

Sydney Rape Crisis Centre Phone:(02)981 9656

Sexual Assault Services

Royal North Shore Phone:(02)9926 7111

Wollongong Phone:042 201 408

Tamworth Phone:1800 424 017 This number can be used anywhere in N.S.W.

Albury Phone:(02)9819 6565

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault

SECASA, 11 Chester Street, East Bentleigh.

Crisis Line:9594 2289 Admin. Line: 9928 8741

* 24 hour Crisis Service for adults, children and nonoffending family members.

* Confidential short term crisis counselling and support for those who have been sexually assaulted recently or in the past.

* Confidential medium term counselling.

* Medical followup

* Information and referral

* Reports for courts and tribunals

* Legal advocacy (police and solicitors)

* Community and professional education.

* Groups for adult, children and adolescent survivors, care givers and partners.

* Dance groups.

* Joint psychological services.

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault

(help for male survivors).

* 24 hour crisis service for adults, children and non-offending family members.

* Free, confidential counselling with male or female counsellors.

* Information and support for parents, carers and partners of male survivors.

* Community and professional information.

* Legal advocacy.

* A supportive service sensitive to the needs of different cultures and sexual identities.

* Urgent medical care and follow up when required.

* Family violence after hours service for male victims of family violence.

* Free interpreters and translators can be organized for deaf and non-English speaking clients.

The crisis service is at Clayton Road, Clayton. Follow-up counselling is provided at;

* Moorabbin, Dandenong, Frankston, Pakenham, Cranborne,

St Kilda, Rosebud

There is no charge for this service.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment, contact the duty worker on 9594 2289.

see website http://www.secasa.com.au/index.php/secasa/47/209 for more details.


All services are by appointment

Yarrow Place, 55 King William Road, North Adelaide 5006

Phone: (08) 8226-8777 Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 p.m

Fax: (08) 8226-8778

Country Callers Toll Free 1800 817 421

After Hours 24 hours: (08) 8226-8787

Yarrow Place provides medical and counselling services to both males and females who have been raped or sexually assaulted when aged 16 or older.

Services include:

* 24 hour crisis response for recent sexual assault, which can include counselling and/or medical support;

* Counselling support for recent victims of rape or sexual assault and counselling and information for "significant others" i.e. family, partners and so on, who are supporting victims of rape;

* Ongoing counselling;

* Specialised medical care and follow up examinations;

* Collection of forensic evidence as requested by people who have made or may wish to make a complaint to police;

* Various group programs are offered throughout the year;

see website http://www.wch.sa.gov.au/yarrow/resources.htm for details and other groups / help lines available.

Central South Australia - Women's Health Statewide

WHS offers a professional therapeutic counselling service for women dealing with the effects of violence and abuse in their lives.

The Counselling Referral Line is available to South Australian women wanting to discuss concerns related to their emotional health & well-being. Please ring 8239 9600 or toll free on 1800 182 098 to make a time to speak with the Phone Line Worker.



Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

PO Box 94, Narrabundah ACT 2604

Phone: 02 6232 7166, Fax: 02 6232 7167

between 9 and 5 Tuesday to Thursday

Counselling support, face-to-face or over the telephone for male survivors

Groups for male survivors who are looking to expand their support to include other male survivors.


website http://www.apex.net.au/~samssa/services.html


This list taken from http://www.aest.org.uk/helplines/australia...pport_lines.htm

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Thanks for posting these Meg :flowers: - It is good to know there is help our there for Australian survivors.

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Thankyou for this.

I know being from WA we only have the one service Sexual Assault Resource Centre

But they have a few numbers to the service.

The one listed is the business line

But there is also:

24 hour Crisis Line 08 9340 1828 ( which you ring if you have been assualted within last two weeks)

24 hour SARC counselling line 08 93401899 ( which anyone can ring)

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Adventist Connect - FM - Domestic Violence -Help & Support


Click on your location to view contacts and resources for domestic violence and abuse.

New Zealand

Pacific Islands


Australian Capital Territory


Northern Territory


New South Wales



South Australia






Western Australia

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