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:tealribbon: Hi everyone....I usually am not a group person, but I thought this might be an easier place to start! I found this site after searching for sites about eating disorders and trauma. I am 27 and this fall will be 10 years since the rape. I think only now am I beginning to understand how deep it goes, while I am struggling to get support for an eating disorder.
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Welcome to AS, jgirl!

I'm really glad that in your search you found us. We are here to support you and to listen when you are ready :)


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Hi jgirl!

Welcome, I am new as well. I am 25 and have also struggled with an eating disorder for many years after being sexually abused (it is still hard for me to say, even though is was about 18 years ago). I hope you find the support you need here and I look forward to "seeing" you around. :)

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hello there and welcome. i'm quite new as well... but saw your post and wanted to say something. i too am in my 20s, struggling with the trauma side-effects and an eating disorder. i know it can be brutal living with these things...

i'm here if you need anything. and look forward to getting to know you better!

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Thanks everyone....I really appreciate it! I will probably post in the ED forum....I dont think I'm ready yet to share my story in the "share your story" forum - I've talked about it in therapy but never written/said the whole thing. (As I understand, this forum is just for introductions?). But it means a lot that there are so many wonderful, kind people here! :flowers:

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Welcome to After Silence, jgirl :flowers:

Reading your intro reminded me that I am also coming up on my 10 year anniversary this fall, and we are the same age too :) I am sorry for what brings you here, but glad you found us. You don't have to post your story if you aren't ready, and if you are never ready to share it that is fine too. When and if you are though, we are here for you for support and understanding.

Nicole :throb:

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Welcome to our family, jgirl.


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Thanks. Tori's music and quotes have helped me through quite a few dark times.

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Hey there,

I am so sorry for what happened to you 10 years ago :console: although I am glad that you have reached out to AfterSilence, and I hope you find this place as a comfortable place where you can come and share your experiences, and gain some healing.

Just share whatever you want, as you feel comfortable doing so, and we also have a whole section on Eating Disorders and I am sure there are people there that will be able to relate to what you are experiencing and help you through your healing.

Welcome to AfterSilence :flowers:

I am look forward to seeing you in the forum site and chat room soon, and I hope that I can help with your healing, :tealribbon:

Please take care, and feel free to PM me anytime if you ever need someone to talk to, :)


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Thanks, John! :flowers:

The ED forum is actually what brought me here....but I have really found everyone to be amazing! And thank you for the support. For someone who has a really hard time asking for help/support, this has been (so far) a very positive experience! An dit's only been 24 hrs! lol.

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