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Use this forum to post an introduction and get to know other members. Because this is a public forum, please don't share details of your story here and keep your posts as non-graphic and non-triggering as possible.

If you wish to share your story, you are very welcome do so in the "Share Your Story" forum.

If you see an arrow next to your topic, it means that it has been moved by a moderator. Kindly click on your topic to be redirected to the appropriate forum and read members' replies.

Thank you. :flowers:

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I was contacted by a concerned member about a possible misunderstanding and I'd like to clarify that members (new or old) are in no way required to post an introduction or to post anything in the public forums. There is no requirement to post in the "welcome" forum. New members can post an introduction if they wish, but it is not mandatory.

The above post is simply a friendly reminder for new members who wish to share their stories. The "Welcome" forum is for non-graphic and non-triggering posts, while the "Share Your Story" forum is a safe and protected place to share stories freely. Like for introductions, members are also not required to post in the "Share Your Story" forum.

Your safety and comfort level should always be a priority and we will never ask members to do or share anything that they don't feel comfortable sharing. Your story belongs to you. You choose what information to share, when and who to share it with :tealribbon:

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