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First Time Reaching Out........

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Hey there. Really scared and new. I guess it's typical to be scared.

Anyway, my cousin molested me from the ages of 9-14 (when I finally had had enough). I was also date raped.

I guess my demons are really affecting me lately because I've mostly kept quiet about all of this because of the stigmas and predjudices that come along with these traumas.

I'm really nervous.

Maybe I'll get better at this as time goes on.

I just need to talk with women who know how I'm feeling.

I'm looking forward to getting to know people here.

Because I feel alone.

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Welcome to AS! You are definitely among friends here. This is a great place to find the help, support, and validation you need. We are always here to offer a listening ear and some understanding. Please feel free to PM me whenever you need to.

:flowers: NewHope

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Welcome to AS sullengirl :)

I hope you find just what you're looking for here, It's ok to be nervous and yes alot of people do put stigmas / prejudices which make it hard to talk about this stuff, not here though, here's lovely :)

Best Wishes


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Welcome to After Silence, Sullengirl7 :flowers:

You are right, it is common to be scared at first, which is why I admire you for having the courage to join us and to post for the first time. I understand how you feel when you say that you have kept quite about your abuse due to the the stigmas and prejudices associated with sexual violence. It is unbelievable that after all these years of fighting back and speaking up, victims are still discriminated against, treated differently, and more generally made to feel ashamed. I do feel that, especially in recent years, things are moving in the right direction with more and more survivors speaking out... but we are still very far from where we should be. But I do believe that survivors like you can make the difference and use their voices to change things, and I hope After Silence will help you in your healing as well as motivate you to be an activists like many of our members are.

Take all the time you need to get comfortable and know that we are here for you no matter what. :tealribbon:

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we're all here for you <3

Welcome to AS

PM me anytime <3


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:hug: I haven't been here long my self but for the little while i have been it's been amazing. Everyone understands, and no body judges you. I just, for the first time since my attack happened(4yrs. ago) told my entire story. I'm sure you'll find the support you need here. I am. Good luck with over coming this all :flowers: PM any time you want to.
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Welcome to AS.

You are not alone. When I first ccame I was a nervous wreck and on the edge of a breakdown. AS has helped me alot on my healing journey and will help you too. These are great people. We have all been through something similar on this road. and we are all here to help each other.

On this forum you'll find alot of love and support.


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Hey there and Welcome to AfterSilence,

Sorry I was away when you joined, and I like to say hello to everyone at AS, so hello :P

I am looking forward to seeing you at AS, on the site and in chat soon :hug: and yes it it's ok to be scared, everyone that is here at AS knows what it feels like to be scared, so we understand :hug:, and we can relate and do our best to help you.

Please take care, and PM me if you have any concerns or just want someone to talk to :bighug: - I will always listen


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