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Hi Natasha, and welcome!! :aswelcomesu:

I hope you will find support and validation here at After Silence. Many of us can relate to your struggles and we will be here to share these difficult moments with you.

Good luck with the moving... I recently moved and it can be quite a challenge, but also a brand new start! :)

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welcome to AS natasha!

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Hey there Lucas and Welcome to AfterSilence,

Sorry I was away when you joined, and I like to say hello to everyone at AS, so hello :P

I am looking forward to seeing you at AS, on the site and in chat soon :hug: , I love chats too :) I have 11 of them. Too many :insane:

Please take care, and PM me if you have any concerns or just want someone to talk to :bighug: - I will always listen


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