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Hello everybody,

I am Tori and I am a new member. I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I am glad to have found a place where there are others who understand my experience.

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I am also new and I couldn't figure out how to do an introduction posting, so if it's ok, I will do it here.

I am married with a son and I am here because I want to start healing. I was raped almost 4 years ago and I have flashbacks constantly of what I can remember and I can't even sleep in the same bed as my husband.

I need a support group and help.

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Hi Tori85 and br okensoul1258,:wave:

I am new here too. It has been good to hear stories and feelings from other members. I think this is helping me to cope. I hope that you are both able to find support here. Everyone seems to be really friendly and helpful!

Best Wishes,


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Hey Tori,

I am really glad you have found this place also, and I hope we can help you in your healing journey, :hug: I find this place really supportive and I sure you will too :)

Please take care, and PM me anytime



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Hi Tori (what a great name!) and welcome to After Silence :)

It certainly is comforting to know that we aren't alone isn't it? I am glad you found us, and I hope that this board and our wonderful members can help you on your journey.

Nicole :throb:

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Welcome to AS.. you're safe here. you're not alone <3


PM me antime


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