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Hi All

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Hi, Well, I keep trying to make a post and say hello, and hope this one works. I guess I wasnt ment to make the previous posts, So I'll just say HI and will post again later. How am I suppose to make 25 posts when I cant even get one to work?

Living one day at a time, Pink Orchid

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Hey There Pink Orchid,

Sometimes it takes a little bit of getting used to AfterSilence, which is abit annoying sometimes, however once you get hang of it, you will be just fine :)

25 posts is simply just a safety feature to protect all members, and can usually be made within a day or too, and if you have too much trouble getting the AS website working for you, there are plently of people here who would be willing to help you :hug:

I hope you find this place a nice place to be, and that you find it healing :hug: I have found AS very lovely, and once you get to know people around here, they are very lovely, they have helped me alot :)

Welcome to AS, here are some flower I picked earlier :flowers::)

I look forward to seeing you in site and in chat soon :hug:

Please take care, and remember you can PM me anytime, (and I might even be able to help with your site problems if you cant find anyone else that would be able to help better :) lol)



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