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25 Post Are To Much

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ello ello

why dos it have to be 25 for? its a bit much. because half of these forums doesnt mean to any of my problems...if u know wat i mean. i can say my most problems in one forum post. are we alowed to say the same thing over and over again. or can we reply and dos that count to 25?


from moneeka

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I guess we are all different.

I like to post a bit at a time.

It takes me a while to open up and trust and probably vice-versa.

I guess I like to take my time.

It also takes a little while to find your feet here I guess.

To see what others are going through.

Know what might be hurtful or triggering to others.

Or even how to show support in a gentle and caring way.

It just helps to know how to best be there for others and for others to get to know you as well.

You will get there before you know it!

Take care,


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25 post is simply just when you write something, and post it, so me writting this or if I start a new topic that also counts as a post also, will count towards my posts, the 25 post is also there to protect us, and to allow member during this time before they can enter chat to learn the rules etc so there are no misunderstandings.

If you are unable to gain chat access yet find yourself being friends with a member then you maybe able to add them on MSN or Yahoo if they are comfortable with this until you gain chat access.

The Moderators have also posted information about the 25 post minimum in the chat forums, here is a like on the post with this information: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=25804

I hope it helps, and once you find you your feet and keep posting then you will be in chat in no time, Merry Christmas !!! :xmas4:


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Having to make 25 post before entering chat has proven to be very helpful in the long run.

It gives new members time to settle in and get to know the After Silnce mesage board well - to read all the guidelines - especially those related to the chat room.

It also gives you time to get to know a few people and for us to get to know you.

You cannot simply post the same thing over and over - but every post you make - whether it is starting a new topic yourself or replying to someone elses topic counts.

I look forwards to seeing you both in chat soon!

best wishes


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hugs back to ya.

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ello ello

why dos it have to be 25 for? its a bit much. because half of these forums doesnt mean to any of my problems...if u know wat i mean. i can say my most problems in one forum post. are we alowed to say the same thing over and over again. or can we reply and dos that count to 25?


from moneeka

well, congrats, you have over 25 now. :)

It's 25 for safety reasons.

Welcome to AS by the way. Hope I didn't seem too harsh.

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well hey i know wat i mean, so get over urselves i never asked you guys to reply, so do me a favor and dont reply and im not changing how i speak and type just to make you guys happy.

i thought this site was for survivors hmmm maybe i came to wrong site becasue i dont see in the rules that u have to spell correctly, and yes i type like im talking to someone thats the way i do it, if u have a problem plz be my guest and take it up with the forum moderaters. and plz stop being picky because as it says its a support site not a spelling bee. if you guys so perfect why are you 2 on here? and you know wat even better im not going to post any more because u guys are a bunch of stuck up people who need to sort ur own lives out before u can start telling others wats right and how to do things. so stop being so picky and telling people wat to do and wat not to do, i dont see moderater near ur names. so if u cant say anything nice, dont say it at all,

from moneeka

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Hi moneeka,

We require 25 posts for safety reasons. Also, to ensure that members have had enough time to familarize themselves with the rules of our on-line community. There are an additional set of guidelines for the chatroom, and 25 is a good, reasonable median to ensure that members have taken the time to really get to know the site and at least a few of the other chatters. It can be really awkward to get into chat and find yourself speechless because you realize you don't know anyone, for example.

On an unrelated note, I am totally appalled at the considerable lack of support, tact and civility in this thread that some members have expressed. It is inappropriate and just plain rude to ridicule a member's spelling, punctuation and grammar, and not in line with the rules of AS at all. This message board functions as an online support community--criticizing how someone posts (specifically if English is NOT their first language, which may be the case with Moneeka) is the complete antithesis of what we are seeking to accomplish here, as is trying to drive home petty points about modern English colloquialisms.

I can't fathom, for the life of me, how any member who has spent any length of time here would possibly think to ridicule, criticize and otherwise mock a member for such things would be acceptable. Thankfully, such members make up the minority, and not the majority, of AS-ers.

Moneeka, on behalf of the AS-ers who have represented our community in a negative light and completely antithetical to the true nature of AS, I would like to formally apologize, and encourage you to consider staying. The members have been dealt with accordingly and such future disrespect will not be permitted.

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ty ash for that im glad someone understands because i have come here for support not to be questioned and humiliated by people who do not understand i mean if they cant read it they dont have to answer, i never asked for there comments. this is number 2 that 1 of em have done it and im not happy with it because its making me think why bother posting because i post and get humiliated evry time i have been here less then a week and already have critizism.

from moneeka

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I am so very sorry for my behavior in this thread and in others. It was disrespectful and inappropriate and I am very sorry if my comments hurt you, and it appears that they have. :( Last thing I want is to see you leave on my account. I was obviously not thinking very clearly that day, I am sorry for my behavior, there's no excuse for it. You are more than welcome to stay. My behavior was very stupid and hurtful, and you deserve support just like the rest of us here. Again, I am very sorry. :tealribbon:

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ty all

i really wasnt expecting so many replies...lol. ty for the replies u guys helped alot

and Amylyn its ok. i wasnt expecting to get along with everyone. but ty for the apology

means alot.

thanks again for everyones replies

from moneeka

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I just wanted to say that some of this spelling stuff can be triggering to some ritual abuse survivors. I have seen others get triggered from just this kind of stuff. I stay away from this kind of stuff myself and normally won't go into threads with this kind of spelling, for my own safety.


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well i never asked u to come in and reply OK sheesh maybe this site needs a rule saying PLEASE SPELL CORRECTLY AS IT MIGHT TRIGGER PEOPLE.

stop rubbing it in ok my questions finnished why do people keep answering to it. gese im sorry i came to this site because all i get is judged and made out ive done something wrong.

i have had it.

im sorry if i "triggered" you all but jesus man u want me to read a dictionary and then post. and then get some experts like you all and spell proof it for me.

man im sick of this crap going on here DROP THE SUBJECT CAUSE I AINT POSTING ANYMORE







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It's ok, Moneeka, you aren't expected to know what is going to trigger other people. Heck, WE don't even know all of our triggers. Sometimes, things just happen. I think Kate was just letting you know for the future, that's all. I don't think she was attacking you for anything.

Take care, ok?

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I'm closing this topic because at this point I don't see it as being productive. I don't believe anyone meant to offend anyone else and the explanations have been made. Let's move past this and support each other. Thanks. :hug:

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