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Hi my name is Sarah, i hate saying everything that happend, so i will make it simple, i have been raped, by an ex and maybe others, i have been in two abusive relationships, i have been to a shelter for battered women, i have been a cutter, i have problems taking to many pills. I have been to pine rest ( mental health), i have been in the hospital several time and i have had many suicide attempts which have failed. I had an eating disorder and health problems. I go into poor relationships with people that do drugs and treat me bad, hey are not abusive just say cruel things and are usually high. I am not close to my family. And i lost my faith, and messed up my life and no one understands me and i am here hopeing for someone to help me. Thats all i should say..like i said i don`t like talking about, but i hope i will find some hope in this site.

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One of the hardest things to do is find hope when there is no light. But you need to find the light inside you so that you can have a feeling of self worth and make changes. Are you seeking counseling? I know how hard it is to ask for help, but there is help out there.

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Hi Sarah and welcome to AS.

I hope that you get the support that you need.

As for hope - its in us all - we have proved that simply by surviving and still being here.

Grab onto that and know that there are people that care about you. There are people that understand you. People that just want the best for you - and want nothing in return.

Welcome and take care,

Love skye.

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Welcome Sarah!

:hug: :hug:

I hope you find the help that you are looking for. You will find caring understanding people here. I am 30 and a survivor of csa, sexual assault as a teenager, and some bad relationship choices as well. You seem to be hurting very much and I just want to tell you that you are not alone.


Even though I am a newcomer, I have found that you will find much support here.


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Welcome to AS, I am very sorry for all you have been though, you didnt deserve it, but here at AS the members here are all so wounderful, and I am very glad you are now a member, I hope you find the healing you are looking for here,


Please take care and PM me anytime,


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HI Sarah,

I would like to commend you that you are trying, and you would be surprised that you have come a long way despite how you feel now. You are precious and you are valuable as a person, we all are.

I am sorry for your difficulties in life, but there is always hope. If we look around we can see the beauty of hope, how everyday the plants grow for US, the sky shines for US, the water glistens for US, ALL FOR US,so we must be significant and important therefore concluding we always have hope, for something better.

The fact you made your way to this site is something better, it's hope. The more we find hope and help we get better. If we sit down and don't look out and find hope then that is our decision, would you agree.

The sun moves around the earth for us, these are just a few signs of hope. People give us hope, how they open their arms to us, doesn't it mean we are good enough as we are and makes us safe. I am pleased to meet you Sarah. Have a Good DAY and if you have difficulties, just know there are steps toward the better. It takes work to get better. Your friend Jewel

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