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hello everybody

I'm new here too...I don't know what to write so I just try to present myself...I'm a 23 years old indian student living in Switzerland. I'm searching for some help to understand myself, to understand what has happened in the past and to find some ways to live with all those problems.

If you have some questions, just ask me (I really don't know what to tell you...I'm not feeling that good at the moment)

greetings from Switzerland

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Hey there!!!

A very welcome to AS. I am glad you found your way here!!!! :hug:

I hope you will find a lot of support here.....and whatever you are going through right now....you are not alone. :notalone:

If you ever need anything feel free to PM I am here for ya. :supportu:

Take care :flowers:

Love ya



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Hey there,

Thanks heaps for coming here and I am sorry that things arent going so well for you at the moment, but please know they can get better, and I hope we can help you through that process. :hug:

Please know you can heal and that we do support you here at AS :hug:



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Welcome to AS .. :hug::aswelcomesu:

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Hello and welcome to AS!

Is good to have you here.

You are not alone and have people here who care and understand.

I have been to Switzerland and thought that it was so beautiful!

Take care,


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