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I've registered today, not sure what to say. I'm a victim (don't feel like a survivor, sorry) of CSA from the age of 3/4 until I was 15.

Don't want to say too much, struggling alot at the moment.

Hope to speak to people who understand.

Lost x

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Hey there!!!

A very welcome to AS. I am glad you found your way here!!!! :hug:

I hope you will find a lot of support here.....and whatever you are going through right now....you are not alone. :notalone:

If you ever need anything feel free to PM I am here for ya. :supportu:

Take care :flowers:

Love ya



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Hello there,

I understand how hard it is, but please know there will always be support for you here at AS, and there will always be people here at AS who understand, and we understand how hard it is to break that silence and please just talk about when you feel comfortable, when you feel ready to start to open up will listen, :hug:

Welcome to AS :hug:


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:flowers: Hey LC, You are so so welcome here sweety.

and know there are wonderful people here who do so understand,

and who will be there for you always hun.

Im so sorry for all you have been through.

Youre so safe and cared for here.

Msg me anytime, if youd like to say hi.

Take care sweety

SilverLining x :hug:


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Hey, LC, welcome to AS. It's understandable that you're struggling right now... I'm so sorry that you've had to go through everything that you've had to.

Please know that this site is here if you need to talk about anything, and if you're looking for people who will understand, in my opinion, you've come to the right place. :) Take care, hun.


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Welcome to AS .. :hug::aswelcomesu:

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Thank you for your welcomes...I'm sure everyone is friendly and non-jugdgemental, well you all seem to be anyway.

I'm not sure about pm'ing yet still trying to find my way around ~ hope to talk soon.

Lost (unable to find a way out) xx :hug:

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