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Forum Just For Sexual Abuse Or Other Kinds Of Abuse

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Hello I am a Adult of Child-Teen Abuse I can say I don't know if I was Sexually Abused at such a young age I feel like I have been but not sure I know I was Abused physically-Mentally as a Preteen and Teenager is this Forum OK for talking about it. :)

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I was also abused as a child and teen...still don't know how young the abuse started as well. Anyway, I find it useful to post to this forum. There are many men and women who have similar experiences.


I really like it here and find that it is helpful to know that other people are out there dealing with similar issues.


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Hi Iamallright,

Welcome to After Silence. You are welcome to use the forum to help in your recovery. I'm sure many members here can relate to what you are going through.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or any of the moderators. :)

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There's a lot of people here that have similar issues as you do. Many of us are dealing with physical and mental abuse as well(me included). Feel free to talk about it, you deserve to heal.

Welcome to AS :hi:

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