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I'm Back


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I'm baaa-aaaack,

Now now all of you stop groaning it's not as bad as all that! To remind you who I was/am...

When I left here I was 26, from the UK, seeing Jonny (annother survivor, also a member here possibly under the name Bong_Water?), and tearing about on my motorbike called Martha. I was also pretty ill, seeing things and the like.

So these days... I'm 27, from a different house in the UK still, seeing someone totally un-survivory called Peter, and tearing about on a whacking great big sportsbike called Rhiannon. I'm also not ill often (I say often because every time I say I'm fully better I seem to jinx it and then I have a bad day... so I'm never claiming to be better again !) But these days I'm sane the vast majority of the time.

I used 2 different usernames last time I was here... first WhiteWolf then Wolfie. Obviously- I'm back as Wolfie.

xx Ser

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Welcome back wolfie!!!

It is lovely to see you again - just to let you know I set my toast on fire replying to this and now the smoke detector won't turn off!!!!!!!

best wishes

karen (do they have to be so loud!!)

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Its so good to see you again, I've missed you so so so much. Drop me a line sometime yeah? It is so great to see you. You are such an amazing person, its a really good thing that you're back here.

sending lots of love

take care of yourself


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WOLFIE, hows Spike? Is he still with you, hope thats not a putting my foot in it moment!

Good to see you again ...

It is lovely to see you again - just to let you know I set my toast on fire replying to this and now the smoke detector won't turn off!!!!!!!
:lol: Now that is a typical thing to happen once Wolfie gets around the boards, things do liven up in the best ways possible ..

Oh, just thought, I've changed user name since you here before Ser, I was know as I have made it .. Just in case you wonder who the hell this is .. :)

:bubble: :bubble: :bubble: :bubble:

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and WELCOME BACK :flowers:

Hope to get to talk to you in boards and on chat soon, :hug:

Please take care and PM me anytime :)


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Guest MendingWings

Welcome back Wolfie!!!!! :dance::dance::dance:

So missed you and so glad you came back girl! Hope you are doing ok and that things have been good for you. And I'm still here for you, as before... Oh, before you get confused, it's me, Voiceless000. Just had an 'image' change.

Take gentle care of you

All my love and care



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I'm so glad to see you! I was wondering just a few days ago if you were ever going to come back! :) I changed my username since you've been gone, I was SnowWhiteQueen16 and molly9119 before that. It's so great to see you, hope to see you around the boards. :flowers::hug:

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Awww look at you's lot! Gone all pink now! :blush:

Thank you hugely for the big welcome back!

Yep SS, Spikey-boy is alive and well, and these days has a full compliment of jabs and wormer and anti-flea stuff and is getting microchipped soon, poor thing, I had a bit of making up to do with him.

xx Ser

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A BIG WELCOME BACK WOLFIE, I've missed you! So good to see you again. I'm glad to hear your life is coming together and that Spike is doing well. Sorry I'm a bit late in replying to this, I've only just seen it. I've had my head stuck in books lately, studying and haven't been on the board very much, but it has made my day to see your post.



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welcome back! I just came back today too. hope to see you around!

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