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Kathleen's Story Could Almost Be My Story

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I found Kathleen's story of acquaintance rape and couldn't believe how much I had in common with her. I couldn't believe that someone had felt and dealt with what I was struggling with. I was raped by a coworker on a date, lost most of my so called friends, have started the legal process but too scared to go to the police. It feels like no one believes me or cares about what this animal did to me. God I wish I knew what to do next.

Hoping to find my voice, support, compassion and understanding here.

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Welcome to AS .. :hug::aswelcomesu:

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I hope you find all of those things here, and please know we care :hug:

Welcome to AS, hope to see you on site soon.


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Im going through the legal process too and its a horrible thing. some people like the defendents lawyers, the judges, and the people that are defending him as his friends do make you feel like they dont believe you. i just went through that in a bond hering, in my state child mo*** has the highest charges of $100,000 dollars. and thats is what he got.... but you know it happened to you and if other people dont believe you then screw them, they wernt there, they didnt know how it felt. Best wishes to you, take care of yourself, and know that there is people that want to help you, even if you have to look around a little. :up:

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I hope that you grow to find help and support here. :bighug:

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Hi welcome to AS :flowers: I hope you find what you are looking for here. This is a wonderful place for support. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. Take care

:hug: :hug:


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Pilates :hug:

I love pilates... wish I were addicted to it though. First of all, welcome to AS. This place has been a huge role in my online experience. I truly hope you can find a little bit of peace here... or just the ability to exhale once in a while.

I am touched by your feedback about my story. I definitely feel for you... your words reach me. It's insane to wake up to a world where co-workers rape you, people betray you or let you down - some make rape ok or right - and then there is the judicial process. If you ever want to talk, I am here. I wish you rest and peace of mind in the weeks to come.

Remember, when you are in those meetings with DAs and detectives, etc. or around people that hurt your heart, close your eyes and remember your purpose, your voice, your intetnion, your cause, your heart. Some people just aren't right in this world... some people are backwards. It is sad and disheartening, but what can you do? You, however, will have the right answers at each step... and it is best you listen to yourself. You will know what to do. Tune the world out as much as you can and look within. It gets overwhelming and hectic, but you can do this. There is no judgment here... (or anywhere that would matter) this is your life and only you know what is best.

I hope you are being kind to you, as this world can be cruel. A really great book is "Recovering From Rape" by Linda E. Ledray, R.N., PH. D. It was my bible during that time.

Anyways, sending you some love and support... and a big, fat welcome. :hammer:

Much love,


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