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Just A Question About Board Statistics

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Just a silly question --

On the main page, the "most users/members ever online" is reported in two places, and the number are not the same.

Can someone explain this?

Is there a difference between "most members ever online in one day" and "most users ever online" -- ?? What is the time period for the latter?

Anyway, thanks, this has kinda been making me scratch my head.

Members Online Today: 154

Active Users

Most members ever online in one day was 276, last accomplished on September 17th, 2007

Board Statistics

Board Stats Our members have made a total of 260,933 posts

We have 6,436 registered members

Most users ever online was 643 on Jun 30 2007, 11:59 AM

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I'm not sure of this, but I think that the "most users" one refers to members as well as guests. (If you notice at the top of the statistics box, it says how many of each are currently online.) That's why it's a larger number than the most members ever online.

Hope this helps...

:flowers: NH

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yeah, I think NH is right. Number of members are only those of us registered. Number of users is everyone, that's why it's larger.

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Yeah I think it has to do with the registered and un-registered users, because one is above the registered user names have been on in that day, so I think this would be the registered user, and I think the other is the most users, as in people accessing the website at one time, like registered and un-registered.

I think that how it works lol :)

-biggestfoot- (John)

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