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Well - I took a step I suppose...

saying hi...

fear is definitally eating me alive right now

fear that i'm going to get the same reaction here as i have from other people...

i hope that isn't going to happen

it seems like everyones responses that i have read have been only positive

but i keep blaming myself for all of these things that happened

so i'm almost scared that maybe i am the one to blame

but i saw a presentation on 'safety' turned out to be reinactment of an abuse sitution...

almost exactly like mine...they reassured me that it was indeed date rape

and the past things i already knew were abuse, but it just brought it to light...

i cant hide it inside anymore

i'm here searching for the hope that someone might understand....

i think i'm in the right place

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You are... believe me you found the perfect place to be and I honestly hope that you come to understand this. You're in familiar territory. Everyone here has in one way or another been affected by what happened to you and everyone here will respect you. Trust me, we all want to help you ^.^ Me myself included.

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Yes, honey, you are in the right place!! Whatever you are feeling, I assure you there are so many of us here ready to listen. We understand how you are feeling, and we are here to offer each other validation, strength, and hope for whatever you are facing.

So glad you found us... welcome!!! Please feel free to PM me anytime!

:flowers: NH

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Hey there,

Im glad your here, and please know that it wasnt your fault. :hug: I think you will find alot of supportive people here, I have, the people here have been so wounder to me, and I'm sure they will do same for you, :hug:

Please know you can heal, and that yes we understand where you are at, and how your feeling, and please know it is all normal, whatever you are feeling is normal, :hug:

Please take care :hug:


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