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I am searching for help. I don't know how much help I need, but I knew I needed to look.

I have been dating a Wonderful Beautiful Women for the last 4 months. She and I are both 26.

As our Relationship progressed I have found things about her past.

She was sexually Abused before the age of 5 from her father, and was sexually abused again from 9-15 via her subsequent Step-father.

Later in life, she was also Car-jacked, and Raped.

Because of all of this she has Dissociative identity disorder.

I love her with all my heart, and she loves me to. She is going to Therapy once a Week, and is on Medicine for her Depression, Wellbutrin I believe.

She finally had the courage to tell me about her DID last week. I knew about it, but wasn't for sure if she had Fully Intergrated or not. It appears she has not.

I am just looking for ways to be supportive for her, and not lose myself at the same time. I love her, and do not plan on leaving her. I want a future for us, and while I know I can't have an outlook to fix things, I do plan on being her support pillar.

It's nice to meet you all.

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Hey there mate,

Thanks so much for helping your girlfriend. She is lucky to have you :up:



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