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I am sort of new. I signed on a while back, and sort of fell away from here. I am having a difficult time right now dealing with not only my past, but my current life. I feel like such a baby, I never was so needy like this. I am just scared, because everything seems to be changing so quickly. It is hard to just post and say things, and I know you need to inorder to be able to talk to people. I am not sure what exactly to say.

I am trying right now, just failing miserably at fixing me.

I hope this is the right spot to post this in. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to AS - this is a good place to strt to talk if and when you are ready

best wishes


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hey phoebe,

Welcome to AS, here at AS you can work at whatever pass you want, and is a good place for you to come and talk in your own time able your problems, I hope you find this place supportive, and I'm very glad you have come here and I look forward to seeing you in board and on chat soon



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Welcome to AS love. PM me if you need anything.



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