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It's Been Thirty Years And Sometimes It Is Still New!

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Hi Again to All of my AS Friends both new and old,

I wanted to reintroduce myself. Many of you know me as todlyn. Due to someone I was counseling and the need to share this site with them, I asked that my nick be changed. Things have been difficult for the past several weeks as well. It has been difficult to be smashed in the face with the realization that I am still living in an abusive relationship.

Below was my original introduction from so many months ago.

Thank you to all that have supported and at times carried me in these months. You are priceless!

Verna and Lindy thanks so much as well for all that you do through AS.

Take care my sisters,


Hi My AS Friends,

I am grateful to have found this site. My counselor suggested finding a support group in addition to working with him. I have isolation issues though...

I may be new to AfterSilence, but

This thing is not new. This is my thirtieth year as a survivor. I was eight. I am only now finding my VOICE, and allowing the Lord to repair the layers of my damaged soul. I never realized the devastating effect that this ordeal could have on the developing character of such a small child, nor the impact that it would have on me as I faced the trials of this life as an adult.

Your Sister in Survival,


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:hug: Lyn, we are all here for you. I know you are in a crisis at the moment, but it will work out. As I said before, contact me any time.

take care, Paula :hug:

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Hey sister,

Welcome back to AS... You prob left before I came so I though I would say hi...




Take care, :)


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