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Back Again...


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Hi All,

I was here a while ago but find it hard to talk so I ran away again and pretended I was OK. It didn't work, so here I am!

It's time I stopped pretending I don't belong here. On the waiting list for therapy, but it could be another year yet... my relationship may not even survive that long the rate things are going.

Hopefully I'll do a bit better at joining in this time.

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Hey Amelia,

Welcome back to AS, I hope that this time you are able to feel more comfortable here, and that we are able to help in your healing. Im glad you've choose to come back, and Im sure those who knew you before you let will be glad too, I hope to see you on board and in chat soon.

Please take care,


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Hi Amelia and Eggshell.

Welcome and I hope you find support here.

It's interesting what you say Amelia about pretending to be ok. I did that for years. I'm not sure where you're from but I'm from the UK and waits for any kind of speciallist therapy normally run into years. Frightening really but there are often other alternatives. In the UK there are charities which can help. There might be people who can help where you live.

Eggshell, as I said to Amelia, I pretended to be ok for a long time and that included with counsellors. Sometimes you're not in the right place to have counselling. It might be the wrong counsellor. You might need to just give it time.

I hope you're both ok.

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Thanks everyone... MGR, I'm in the UK too. At least we do get the therapy for free if only we can survive until they actually get round to it! i was told a counsellor may be an idea in the meantime but they're not really qualified to deal with me. They said it'd be more to get used to talking about things. I think I may go for it, and my partner needs someone to talk to also.

It's really because of him I'm back, me sticking my head in the sand is fine for me but he has needs too. Getting through it all seems so hard, though.

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I know it's hard. I'm seeing an NHS counsellor at the moment (3 month wait then I get to see her for 45 mins every fortnight) so it's not full-on intense which is probably right for me now. I'm getting referred to an NHS trauma speciallist soon.

The alternative is rape crisis, they might give you some support short-term.

Hope you're ok.

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