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Can't Stop E-mail Notifications

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I keep getting these e-mails...However there is no way for me to unsubscribe to any topics that were previously subscribed to way in the past, I don't like being notified of topics anymore. Can someone unsubscribe me from these? I can't seem to do it and although it gives me directions on how to do it, whenever I try to there is nothing listed under subscriptions so I have no idea why I still get notifications. I click the "spam" buttons but it never seems to work. I still get the e-mails to my inbox hehe, kind of wierd. Thanks girls, your're angels! :hug:


(username) has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed

to titled "listening to right now...".

The topic can be found here:


There may be more replies to this topic, but only 1 email is sent per

board visit for each subscribed topic. This is

to limit the amount of mail that is sent to your inbox.



You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your control panel and

clicking on the "View Subscriptions" link.


The After Silence - A message board and chat room for rape, sexual

assault, and sexual abuse survivors. team.


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Hey Haullie,

I don't know if this will work for you, but in mine I had same prob, and what I found out is where it says Subscriptions it has too sections View Topics & View Forums, and what I did wrong is a deleted it from View topics, but not view forums, so I was still getting notifications from forums, and I could figure out why, but once it went into both View Topics & View Forums and deleted them all, I stopped getting them.

Maybe that is your prob, maybe not, thought I would mention it anyways, Hope it helps :)


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