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Feeling Like I'm Drowning

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In a way, I feel like I'm drowning and there is no one who can help me or save me, even though in mind, I know that there is. I'm in high school so I already have soooo much to deal with but I can't seem to move past everything. My friends can understand but they can't relate so they don't really know what I'm going through.

Does someone know what I'm talking about or can relate to me?

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Yes I do know what you are talking about, it that feeling of everything is too much and you just can't deal with it all anymore, well let me tell you that you can heal, even though sometimes it feels as if it hard to keep you head above the water in a sense, you can do it.

Im glad you have come to AS, and WELCOME TO AS


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Hi Lindsey,

I can definately relate to what you're saying, have felt like that many times, it's a horrible way to feel so I'm sorry you feel that way just now but I agree with biggestfoot, it is possible to get through times like this even though it might not feel like it.

I know for me that joining this place and seeing that many others do understand how I feel has really helped, hope it does for you too

Take Care


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I understand where you are coming from, although I am in college. Just yesterday someone asked me if I felt like I was floating on my back, swimming, treading water, or drowning. I think I am treading water, however every five minutes my head goes under and I cant get back up. Then I'm back to treading. It suck and I know what you are going through, it feels like when one thing falls appart your whole world come crashing down with it.

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afterwards, my best friend droppd me off at an exbf's house. the guys told her i was just really drunk and she helped me inside. I lay on the kitchen floor bleeding out of my ass and vagina and my bf stepped over me on the way to work and told me to clean up my mess. My body may have cleaned up the blood and mess and kept ticking but in my mind i just can't get up off of the kitchen floor. that was 4 years ago now. i'm not drowning i'm dead.

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Hi welcome to AS :flowers: I hope you find what you are looking for here. This is a wonderful place for support. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. Take care

:hug: :hug:


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