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hi i'm dawn and i just signed up for the site today and it seems nice and supportive. a little over a year ago i finally spoke up that my stepdad had been molesting and raping me from 8yrs-16ys old. it was really hard to do. i lived in foster care and went to counceling but i didnt like it. now i live with a friend and im trying to get myself together. it will be nice to meet people here.

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Hey Dawn. It's good that you found this place, it's a good thing for you. And being that your friend cares enough about you to let you live with her/him I must say that s/he is a great person. I'm glad that you finally found someplace you belong ^.^ Welcome and PM me anytime you want to talk or just let out some steam.

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Hi Dawn,

I think it has been really strong of you to come on here today, I am someone who has experienced CSA also, it every hard and I think it every brave of you to come on here and share you experience, your doing get...

PM me anytime and take care,


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Welcome to AS "misspeskybear", you will find many supportive people here. Talk to you soon hopefully. God bless.

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