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A Newbie On To New Friends And New Beginnings


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Hi all. :wave: I am new to this, and I can say emotions are mixed. I have struggled with overcoming the 'demons' of the abuse for the last 14 years. They have haunted me in nightmares and relationships time and time again in the past. I am now ready, willing and looking forward to moving on but anxious and tentative at the same time. I hope there are people out there that can shed some insight into how to move past this and live vibrant, lovely and happy life. :hug:

I wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!

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Hey leela, we're a great bunch on AS and I'm sure you will be able to get what you are looking for.

PM me anytime if you wanna chat :hug:


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Thanks a bunch Callum and angelic. Your kind words help me feel welcome already. :hug:

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:hug: Welcome leela, this place is such a safe & welcoming haven. You have made a great choice coming here. PM anytime. God Bless.
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Hey there Leela,

Welcome to AS, We will do our best to help you, and I hope you can find some of your healing here for the pain you have had for 14 years, this site is full of great people, and I hope we can help you out. Thanks for coming to this site and your always welcome here to talk about stuff.



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Hey, I hope you find the help you need here at AS. I just joined here too and already I feel better because I shared my story with people which is the first step in recovery. I have been dealing with my abuse for 12 years. So, if you ever want to talk, I am here. :hug:

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