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Hi, I'm Jem. Just wanted to say hi and i'm new and thanks for having such a helpful forum! I'm not comfortable saying my real name (kinda stupid if you think about it, bucause there are alot of different people out there with my name) But I hope to get to know everyone and start to feel more comfortable with everyone. I may not make sense at time, sometimes i dont, so please forgive me. I'm a little messed up. Ok, maybe a lot messed up. But I'm trying to figure things out and move on with my life. I've got a lot of work ahead of me and hope that this forum will help.


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Heya Jem. You take things as slowly as you want to. The main thing is that you've made such a huge step by using this forum and hopefully we can all help you on your road to recovery. PM me anytime you want someone to chat to. :hug:

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Hi Jem

Don't worry too much about not making sense, I feel like that all the time, am still fairly new here, and have found everyone to be incredibly understanding :) Hope you find the help you want here too :)

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Thanks. I really like this place because it's anonymous. You don't know me, and in a wierd way, that helps. I can talk about what happened and how I feel and not worry about feeling wierd or being judged or felt sorry for. I don't have to worry about feeling ackward or strange. I can talk to people who have been there and have some of the same problems and feelings. It really helps.

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Im so glad you have found it really helps Jem,

Welcome to AS

Just go as slow or a quick as you feel is right for you on this site. This site is really understand.

I hope you find some of your healing here from AS,

Take Care,


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