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New And Afraid

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:hi: I am pained soul. I am not sure what to say. I am new here and have been through and am still going through alot. I am both a suvivor and still a victim of Rape and sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. Abuse is all I have known. Noone in my real life understands me, and deny all of my expiriences. I am working very hard in therapy but there are times where I need to talk outside of therapy and its hard doing this alone. I feel abandoned and very lost and alone in this. abuse has been me for my lifetime so far. I am wanting to ge free and not trapped by those who hurt me past and present.

I am very scarde. I dont know how safe this sight is. I dont know anyone here. Did i say enough in this email? Will you reject me because of what i say here, or abandon me?

Thats me for now. Pained_soul

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Welcome to AS love you are needed here. No one will reject you for your thoughts because we all know the same pain your going through.

You can personal message me anytime you need a friend.


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HI Determined one. Thanks so much for your welcoming message. It helps to know that i have someone that I cam PM when I need it. I just PMed you. If you need me I am here for you too. I am not sure if this board gets busy or many replies. You can post to me on the oboard of PM me if you wish at any time but must warn you it may take time to reply but will get toyou.

Thanks for being here,


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You are very welcome here there isn't a lot that you cannot express on this site. I think it has helped a lot of people. I need this site to connect with other people who are dealing with the same pain as me. People in my world do not understand all that I have been through. Please keep talking, keep sharing, AS can help you get through it.


PM me anytime as well.

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Hello and welcome. I have been signed up on AS for awhile now, but it is just within the last week or so that I have actually started posting and being active on the site. Its taken me a while to come out of my shell, but I am happy that I have. There are a lot of people out there who understand and live your pain. I am so sorry that these horrible things have happened to you, you did not deserve it at all. I wish that I could take away all of your pain, I really do. Just know though that if you ever want to share your story, that we are all here to listen.

Take Care of yourself hun


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Hi welcome to AS :flowers: I hope you find what you are looking for here. This is such a wonderful place for support. I Look forward to seeing you around the boards. Take care



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Hello and welcome to AS.

I know noone in my life understands me and what I'm dealing with, a very few try but unless you have been through this pain you can't fully understand!((best wishes))

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Hi welcome to as. I am Sorry to hear what is happenning 2 you right now. Yes you belong, I've found so many Friends here that I know you will too. I think I can safely Say PM any of us If you need to talk, Or want support.


we are all here 4 you.


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To all who have welcomed me and writen in my introduction topic thank you so very much for writing me. This is the firs time I've had 15 people on a sight write me such nice welcomes. I am not used to having people in my life, but i am glad to have found this sight.

Please take note however, I dont have a computer at home. I wish i did, I am desperate to have one!! In the mean time I come to my local library where I have local access to the internet and for that I am glad.

ALl of you who have written here may PM me anytime you see me online. I love talking to others and one reason I am here to to support others to where I can. I guess that this has become I kind of hobby and hope to maybe take this skill further on in my life.

Thanks to all of you Pained Soul

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Welcome to After Silence :flowers:

I can understand being afraid at first, but this is a very warm, kind, supportive place. You won't be judged here. Take your time and go at your own pace. We are here to listen as you are ready to share.

Nicole :throb:

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hi and welcome to as i am also a survivor of sexual abuse. and if u need to talk u can always pm me. this site is such a great place to vent and find support


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Pained Soul- You sound like a very articulate, kind and gentle soul. My background is much the same as yours, various abuses for as long as I can remember that continue in one way or another. I have a tendancy to do alot of 're-enactment' still, though I am now 40 years old. After Silence has lifted me when I was down, chat in particular. All survivors the biggest hearts you can imagine and feel every ounce of others pain. They are full of kind caring advice, warm understanding and gentle prodding. AS has furthered me tremendously in my recovery and therapy. It is eye-opening to log onto the site and know that you are not one bit alone. We all share the same basic symptoms, which is somehow comforting to be so understood. It is taking me sometime to feel free with postings but in chat I feel comfortable to 'be myself.' I hope that you make yourself a regular here at AS as we all go through our healing and personal transformations... You are loved more than you know... :bighug:

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