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Looking In A Mirror

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you made me cry - again - but that is okay it means I won't blubber to the next person who says "have a nice day"

honestly when I read your posts especially one like this i just want to scream I Love you

somehow you challenge me in a good way :hmm::buttkick:


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Your words are always so inspirational!Where do you get your stregnth,courage,and Determination?

Since I was old enough to understand what "fault"meant,I have always seen myself as the one at fault.

When I was little,my dress was too short,or I shouldn`t have hugged him,or why did I have to go to the barn to see the pony...........and now it`s,why did I go in that mans house,I`m 33 years old,I knew better!!!!!

So,I look forward to one day knowing,and believing for myself what you wrote.

Oh how wonderful it would be to believe I did nothing wrong. :cry:

Even I get down and scared at times, I just have a hard time accepting that I need help. Mostly my confidence wavers over being a good mom, damnit! What the hell do I do? Maybe because my teen years were so fucked up whenever he even acts depressed or lacks self esteem , I start to freak! I just don't want to "break him"! But he's 14 and from minute to minute I'm F*cking lost! I don't know which way to go , I'm petrified I'm gonna ruin his life, or he'll commit suicide cause I'm a horrible mom , or...BAH!!

I don't know, I'm just F*cking scared man!


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thanks for the post D. I was browsing through some of the older stuff on here and came across this,i really needed to hear this tonight. much love. :hug::hug::hug:

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What a great thread! I'm really glad I ventured into this area and read this post--very empowering!

Thank you for sharing :)

Laurie :penguin:

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