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Where Are You All From?

Guest Choc

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hey i was born in machester moved away to london around 10 ish

but im back there allot well i try to be all my famiy are there

i have to say i do miss it....

Hey just_me:hi: , Im from Manchester 2
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Hi, I'm from Ireland, where we get more than our fair share of rain! :rain:

But , I have to say, I love it here, have lived here all my life. :flowers:

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I live in South Dakota. But I was born in Texas and raised in Alabama. I'm a very cold southern girl on the prairie :hi:

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Minnesota. November through April can be miserable..... But, it's home. It's pretty the rest of the year. And SOMETIMES the snow is enjoyable.

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Originally from the Providence/Boston area...moved to a tiny little farming town in rural Kansas three years ago. Talk about culture shock, whooo!

But I love country living, and I can't imagine myself anywhere else :up:

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I live in Kansas City. Have lived in Michigan and Massachusetts and small town in Kansas but have moved back to within 5 miles of where I was born and raised. I think about moving a lot but probably won't for a while.

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California, USA

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I live in North central Kansas right now.. but ive lived all up and down the midwest and i just moved back from Ohio about four and half weeks ago.

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Born and raised in New Jersey. Short stay in both Newport Beach, CA and West Palm Beach, FL in my late teens/early 20's. Back to New Jersey for awhile and then moved to South Carolina about 4 years ago. I am here to stay...I absolutely love it.

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